Claire Evans​

First class service and product knowledge, I was let down by another supplier several times for my assessment and found HMS Mobility so I contacted them and very pleased I found them. I ordered my new Quickie Q700M powerchair and it was quickly delivered and set up to suit my special requirements. Very happy customer.

Jacob Cullen

HMS are a good company to deal with. My Son loves his offroad powrchair! Great customer service & no pressure to buy!

Tyler Bennetts

I’ve been using powerchairs for many years and for off-road and difficult terrain the Meyra is unbeatable, But, when it’s supplied and serviced by HMS you have something very special.

Reliability when out in the middle of nowhere with not the best phone signal is vital. I can’t just get up and walk home. My chair has to be reliable and confidence inspiring, so I’m not even thinking about the possibility of breakdown.

When it needs a service or consumables I know HMS will be there to sort it just as reliably as the chair itself.

HMS couldn’t do any better in my opinion.

Dave Turner

Don’t be afraid to buy anything HMS Mobility first class service very genuine firm.

Brian Tarrant

I live in the Glastonbury area and have Motor Neuron Disease. 7 years ago I needed a power chair. I called HMS Mobility Solutions- brilliant customer service!. They took the time to ask me all about my illness, what options there were regarding types of chair that would be suitable for someone with a progressive condition such as MND. Needless to say I bought my powerchair from HMS, best thing I’ve ever done! HMS goes above and beyond the call of duty to help out with any problems, I’m never left without a chair if mine needs a service or minor repair. Far and away the best.

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